By following the market’s requirements for the “Turn-Key” solutions a Department for Electrical Installations Design and Production has been established within the framework of Electra M&V company. This step enabled Electra M&V to be capable of implementing a complete job – from the initial stage of designing and choosing the most appropriate equipment to assembling electrical cabinets, electrical installations integration and commissioning along with the user training for system operation. Our specialty are industrial installations and industrial automation.

Our engineers possess the licenses issued by Serbian Chamber of Engineers: 350, 450 and 352. We provide high quality and reliability by using licensed, the latest generation EPLAN software for designing electrical installations. Control and distribution cabinets are assembled in a special-purpose constructed hall of 200 m2. Each assembled cabinet goes through the final check and possess attestation in accordance with IEC standards. In addition, Electra M&V company has obtained ISO standard on quality control – ISO 9001 which confirms our determination to deliver quality and reliable products to our customers.

Electra M&V is a company which keeps up with the times. Our current and future businesses in the field of electrical engineering is envisioned in terms of contemporary models from the industry which bring Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things. We are constantly increasing our knowledge and attend specialized courses and fairs on a regular basis.



First jobs related to the beverage industry that Electra M&V performed were in beer industry in 1998.

We started distributing and maintaining the equipment and machines for tap beer in Serbia and now we are the official distributer and service centre for process and laboratory tools and equipment for beverage industry in the Southeast Europe.

Electra M&V is recognized by world-renowned companies by virtue of our earned reputation and the tradition of more than 15 years. Therefore, nowadays, we represent premium brands in this area such as Pentair Haffmans, Pentair Südmo and Maselli Misure.

Apart from delivering and maintaining tools and equipment we have performed projects in the field of process automation and data acquisition with complete PLC-SCADA solutions in the beverage industry in accordance with our engineering experience.

Since we are striving towards constant improving, acquiring and applying latest technological achievements, we are regular at world-renowned beverage industry equipment fairs such as BrauBeviale in Nirnberg and DRINKTEC in Munich.

Our intention is to upgrade the level of our services and expand the scope of supply in the forthcoming period. Additionally, we plan to perform more projects based on turn-key solutions in this field.



One of the standard requests of designing public facilities are distributing and real-time systems. In order to meet the need of contemporary and reliable systems, in 1998, Electra M&V established a cooperation with the renowned French company Bodet who has successfully been in this field of business for more than 150 years.

Nowadays, Bodet is a world leader for highly accurate time synchronization of IT equipment, all types of public clocks and a wide range of audio systems designed to create ring tones, music and warnings, as well as notices in schools, factories and logistics platforms.

Due to the constant pursuit of keeping up with the times Electra M&V is nowadays a certified distributer and service centre for Bodet products in Serbia. We have numerous references in terms of conducted projects at city squares and in facilities such as business centres, healthcare institutions, post offices, courts, banks, schools, factories, power plants and railway stations.

Since we follow a dynamical development in this field of business, Electra M&V intends to cooperate more actively with engineering companies. We plan to work on implementing the latest solutions such as NTP servers for distributing unified real time in IT infrastructure, using the advantage of the most contemporary networked NTP PoE clocks and audio systems with monitoring function, as well as Bodet sports scoreboards.


Smart Building and Smart Home solutions

Electra M&V is official distributor for Serbia of Czech company Elko Ep which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic equipment for residential and office automation. Elko Ep’s relays, wireless and IoT products are worldwide supplied and recognized as one of the best in their class.


Bearing in mind the ecological footprint which humanity leaves on the Earth, finding ecologically clean energy sources – renewable energy sources is inevitable.

Renewable energy sources technologies already exist. However, in order for them to be improved and implemented into the existing energy systems in best way, one needs to understand the principles upon which they are based. Acquiring knowledge about renewable energy sources is especially important for young generations because they will have the task to implement and use them.

In the desire to make these teaching devices available in this field of business, Electra M&V represents a German company Heliocentris which has been producing them for a long time.

Fight the pollution with knowledge!



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