Process and laboratory equipment

First steps in beverage industry our company made in 1998.

We started distributing and maintaining the equipment and machines for tap beer in Serbia and now we are the official distributer and service center for process and laboratory tools and equipment for beverage industry in the Southeast Europe. Electra M&V is recognized by world-renowned companies by virtue of our earned reputation and the tradition of more than 15 years. Therefore, nowadays, we represent premium brands in this area such as Pentair Haffmans, Pentair Südmo and Maselli Misure.

Apart from delivering and maintaining tools and equipment we have performed projects in the field of process automation and data acquisition with complete PLC-SCADA solutions in the beverage industry in accordance with our engineering experience.

Since we are striving towards constant improving, acquiring and applying latest technological achievements, we are regular at world-renowned beverage industry equipment fairs such as BrauBeviale in Nirnberg and DRINKTEC in Munich.

Our intention is to upgrade the level of our services and expand the scope of supply in the forthcoming period. Additionally, we plan to perform more projects based on turn-key solutions in this field.